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Friday Flash: Dreams

This just came to me. I am not entirely sure about it figured I would post anyway.

Color smeared the sky like a child’s finger-painting.
The colors were reflected in the glass and concrete buildings around. He sighed and sat on the edge of the roof, legs dangling in empty air.
Four stories below, people walked or biked past. Some strolled and many ran as though they were in the middle of a marathon. Poor things. Why did they bother? Nothing was going to happen tonight. Dreams shattered and it didn’t matter how hard you tried. No one cared.
Too bad his building wasn’t taller. He raised his eyes to the too-pretty buildings around him. Like sitting in his micro car and being surrounded by a dozen trucks. He should stay away.
But he couldn’t help but think of ways to sneak to the top of one. Maybe the bridge would be easier.

39 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Dreams

  1. This is good, Sonia, very good – the subtlety you used is what makes it so. Just enough, not too much and we understand. Beautiful.

    [note: just a fix for “…as though they in the middle…” and bada bing bada boom…]

  2. That was really good, some great description. I couldn’t help thinking it would make a great intro/opener for an apocalyptic tale where the city is leveled shortly after. Says more about me than anything though lol.

  3. This gave me a kind of shiver, as though I had a premonition of something very bad that was on the way.

    And to echo others, I too really like that first line. 🙂

  4. “Dreams shattered and it didn’t matter how hard you tried.” This line really speaks to me. I’ve been there, too. On many occasions, actually. It doesn’t keep us from trying to reach higher, though. To that I say: Let him climb. Keep it up with whatever floats into your mind, Sonia. It’s usually the best stuff.

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