A to Z Challenge Reflection Post

 This is the first time I’ve completed the A to Z challenge. I’ve tried twice before and missed half the letters. Third time’s the charm.

The difference this time is that I was a little more focused, instead of doing random posts about the first thing that came to mind. I still wasn’t very organized. Lots of people planned the whole months’ worth of posts in advance; some people planned a week in advance.

Me? I was lucky if I managed to write a post the night before. I would have been a lot less stressed if I’d managed to write more in advance.

But I managed. Some posts may have been a stretch, but I squeezed all the letters into a post related to the theme.

I enjoyed the challenge. I discovered quite a few new-to-me blogs that I liked and I will be doing my best to keep up with them in the future. Though since I am not doing a good job of following the blogs I currently subscribe to, this is bound to be a little difficult.

As in past years, the biggest problem was people who never commented back. I suspect a few people never even clicked on a link to see who commented, as odd that seems to me.

One of things that helped me figure out which link to follow from the linky link page is the categories. I went mostly with blogs that were on similar topics to mine – books! writing! – and that was better than clicking on random links. The hosts wanted us to click on links close to our own name. I did that, too, but the results were random. I mean, I can’t comment on a post if I have no interest in the topic. I just can’t.

I did notice a few people liked a post instead of commenting. It makes think they had nothing to say, but liked the post anyway. That’s good to know!

One of things I think I got better at during this challenge is picking pictures to illustrate a post. I usually suck at finding just the right picture and posting it.

The most time-consuming part of the challenge was returning comments and choosing the five/ten new random blogs to comment on. I hardly read anything during the challenge. I hardly wrote anything, either.

But it was worth it. The challenge was a lot of fun and I would do it again. But maybe with more preplanned posts!