Z is for Zonk

Zonk as in the books that put you to sleep.

I had to read a lot of these for English class. They are classics, yeah, but so boring. They are why I still avoid all books that look like they belong in an English class.

They are a pretty big reason why I didn’t major in English, despite a lifelong of reading. I was afraid I would have to read terribly boring books.

Some of these books include:

Bored Baby

1) Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.

Sorry to all the Steinbeck fans out there. But Mice and Men hardly held my attention.

2) Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.

Despite being very short and despite it being required reading, I skimmed from the middle of the book all the way to the end.

3) Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

I suspect this book was an attempt to insert multiculturalism in the class, but it moved like at a snail’s pace. It was awkward to read, too.

And for a book about religion, I never got God like vibes from Govinda and I should have. (Else the name ought to have been different!) Also, the characters were confusing. I never figured out if they were supposed to Buddhist or Hindu or something else. It starts with Hindu stuff and moves on to Buddhist stuff. Confusing. So . . . yeah.

I did not, however, skim this book because it was confusing enough without that.

But mostly it was an awkward read and moved slowly. I could have tolerated it better otherwise.

4) The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

The main character was nearly as annoying as Bella from Twilight and that’s saying a lot. I skimmed a lot in this book.

What books make you zonk out?

34 thoughts on “Z is for Zonk

  1. Gatsby. That book is terribly boring. I had to read it in grade eleven, I forced my way through it the first day it was given to us and I was actually mad that we were going to be studying it. I gave my teacher some attitude about it the next day, and he was just excited that I read the whole thing and encouraged me to join the discussions about it, which I did, heatedly. So boring. Gah.

  2. Aw, I loved Heart of Darkness-but I did major in English, so I’m a bit of a classics nerd lol.

    Congrats on getting through the whole A-Z challenge!

  3. The Great Gatsby…hated it…didn’t care for any of the characters…and the Hesse book. Yawn! And the sequels to Dune. Yawn!

  4. Of Mice and Men was one of the few HS required books I enjoyed. Interesting characters and some great writing. I found Grapes of Wrath boring and only found the historical and local info interesting.

  5. I’m SO with you on this. I once dated someone who was extremely cultured and read only the classics. I always felt a little unclassy around him. But some of those stories have stuck with me. I enjoyed Dickens, for instance, and The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant was an incredible short story that I still remember. But I read my fair share of snoozers over the years. I never thought I’d get through Dante’s Inferno.


  6. I was the English major who liked to read classics…but I agree that some of them are zonky. I didn’t like Gatsby, and a lot of the writing from the eighteenth century was dry as dust. I love the Victorian era though, with the Brontes and Dickens and a lot of other great writers. Congrats on making it through to Z! 🙂

  7. I managed to avoid a lot of books that would have bored me if I’d picked them up. On the other hand, I really enjoyed Sinclar Lewis’s Arrowsmith.

    You made it through the challenge! Congrats!

  8. From high school, the only book I remember rocking my world was Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment,” so later when I tried to “get some culture,” I sampled a little Hesse myself: I actually really liked Harry, the Steppenwolf, but my attention span is pretty sad, so I only made it through pg 68. To cut it short, the one I quit the quickest was “The Miracle of the Rose.” Although I instantly recognized Genet’s talent and supreme connection to the ether, I couldn’t deal with the endless, chapter-less, non-linear prose! So anyway, congrats, you made it through A to Z 2014 yay! I’ll definitely keep visiting whenever I can : )

  9. Thanks for visiting earlier – nice to be still finding new people at the very end of the challenge. We did it! Hooray!

    I could read things and enjoy then in school that I couldn’t possible read today. I loved Great Expectations, but if I open Dickens now I feel zonked before I even start. Just too many words! And I’ve never been able to re-read Little Women as an adult.

  10. What a cute blog!
    I’m studying English Literature, so, yeah, a ton of what I have to read is Zonk worthy. However, every once in a while, we’ll get to read something compelling. 🙂
    Great post. I’ll stick around and check out your posts. 😉

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