S is for Skimming

I skim books. Yes, yes, I do. I feel guilty for it. I would stop if I could.

Three ways I skim:

How To Skim A Book

1) I usually skim over the ending.

This is when I need to know my favorite character is alright at the end, so I can live through their trials with them with no worries for how it will end. Sometimes it is not reassuring; the character ends in a bad place and I must read through the trials knowing there will be no happy ending. So depressing.

2) Sometimes I skim through the middle.

This is when I want to know if the book will get more exciting later on or if I am looking for my favorite point of view character – damn you, POV changes! – and I cannot stand to read about any other character.

3) Occasionally I skim through the whole book.

This is when the book is so boring I can’t force myself to actually read it, but am still marginally interested in the story and call it done. It is slightly better than not finishing at all. I did this quite frequently in school and never suffered for it. 😉

Do you skim through books a lot?


27 thoughts on “S is for Skimming

  1. The only time I skim through a book is if I’m finding it really uninteresting and want to see if it’s going to get better at some point. If it doesn’t, I skim through to the end and move on to another book.

  2. Usually I do skim through a book and slow down when it gets juicy, although I would love to get into speed reading (the advantage of being able to skim AND not miss anything)

    1. I agree! Although I don’t skim very often, those long descriptions just make me want to move on. I’m more into character and dialogue than the physical description of a scene.

  3. I never skim! I have a habit of skipping a paragraph if it’s in the middle of dialogue (I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it). But to skip to the end? Isn’t that high treason or something? I’d hate to ruin it for myself. I really should learn to skim forward if I’m thinking of putting a book down, though.

  4. I don’t like skimming since I feel like it’s cheating towards my reading goal, but I do find myself doing it sometimes when a book is boring.

  5. I do skim over parts of a book that don’t hold my interest. This usually happens if there is a lot of description or if there’s a lull in the action and I want more from the story. That’s why good editing is so important for a writer.

  6. I do. I even skip and skim the end to make sure everything’s okay, then I can go back and read. Skimming is good and I tend to do it often.

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