R is for Reasons I Read

I love reading books. This blog is one result of that.

Sometimes people ask why, like it’s some weird thing. Usually the only answer I have is: I like it.

But I thought I would list some slightly more detailed reasons.

1. It’s fun.
2. The world draws me in and I don’t want to leave.
3. I love the characters.
4. The subject matter is fascinating.
5. It’s relaxing.
6. Makes me happy.

Okay, so most of these boil down to: I like it. I guess I don’t really have a better reason and I am not sure I need one. I just wish more people shared it.

I know a lot of people list more noble reasons to read:

* Learn something about the world and yourself
* Become more empathic
* Increase your vocabulary
* Become more imaginative
* Sharpens the mind

While these are all no doubt true, if I didn’t enjoy it so much, I wouldn’t spend so many hours reading.

I suspect the people who don’t read just don’t enjoy it. And telling them it’s good for them isn’t enough motivation to make them want to read a story. (Personally I think it’s just because they haven’t found the right story.)

Do you enjoy reading? And if so, why?