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K is for Kinky

Kinky is my K word-and I don’t mean hair.

I don’t talk about these books much. They are not a guilty pleasure; I don’t feel guilty. But some people act oddly around them.

I mean books where all kinds of erotic things happen – things involving handcuffs, rope and other adult toys.

I got into this genre almost by accident. The first book I read was the first Sleeping Beauty book by Anne Rice in high school. I didn’t like it and I couldn’t finish it. I still don’t. I think it crosses the safe, sane and consensual line. Especially the consensual line.

I was a member of LKH’s forum at the same time and someone recommended a book by Joey w. Hill called Natural Law. I looked it up, I read reviews -and than found it in the library.

I haven’t looked back.

Natural Law is an early work. But it is nothing like Sleeping Beauty. Nothing! I was wonderfully pleased.

Joey W. Hill is one of my favorite authors these days. Her writing has only become better over the years -hotter, more intense. I only wish I could write with such intensity.

I have found other writers I like – Kim Dare, Chris Owens.

I haven’t read Shades of Gray , but, for reasons I don’t entirely understand myself, I am not really tempted to. It’s not the subject material. I think I’ll dislike it as much I disliked Twilight.

Do you read kinky romances? How did you discover them?