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I is for Inspiration

Inspiration is what excites me. It is what gives me the beginning of an idea for a new story.

I find inspiration in pictures and music, and sometimes, random words. But mostly pictures.

Lately I’ve turned to 500 px for inspiration. It’s a site filled with the most amazing photographs. You can’t save them, but you can buy the pictures and share them via twitter and Facebook. That’s usually what I do – share.

deviantART is also a really good place to find pictures to inspire and amaze. deviantART has not just photographs, but drawings and paintings too. It has the most astonishing portraits. I share these, too. 
Sometimes I find inspiration in shadows and just the things you see every day – buildings, clouds, people doing what they do.

Sometimes I fine inspiration in the myths, legends and history of the world. History is fascinating. It’s a lot more than dates and deeds. There are stories behind the deeds and the dates are the timeline.

But most often it’s the other forms of art that most often inspires me – pictures and music. Is that strange?

27 thoughts on “I is for Inspiration

  1. You can get inspiration from anything, anywhere. Music always inspires me and so does art, so that’s definitely not weird. Do you want to know what is weird? I’ve been inspired by a rusted screw and a safety pin. 😛

  2. I might try this sometime. I’m not a visual person. Like I can’t recognize an actor that colors their hair. But as soon as I see the name I can tell you what they were in. My husband is the total opposite. But recognizing vs letting something be a cue or trigger might be different. Good idea!
    Marlene at On Writing and Riding

  3. I think what inspires us can be different. I am inspired by people, situations and conversations, books and especially when I reflect on my day. Music helps to keep me going when I write – I find I am more prolific with music in the background. Maybe it’s to keep me internal chatterings to one voice!

  4. It was a picture that launched Accidental Sorcerers, so no, I don’t find that odd at all. 🙂 Other things are snatches of songs, or just everyday occurrences, that can inspire a story. Good post!

  5. A professor I was working with for his introduction to creative writing class gave the students a website (dang – I can’t remember the name) that randomly selected pictures and the students had to use them as a basis for a short story. It was a really neat tactic in generating ideas and images.

    I like that pure inspiration that can be drawn from different pictures, too, like that light bulb you picked is just incredible.

    Michelle @ In Media Res

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