H is for Handwriting or MyScript Stylus Beta

There is a magic to handwriting a story that typing can’t beat. Handwriting is also – at least for me! – riddled with spelling error. And, frequently, with incomprehensible smudges, and editing by way of crossed out words and tiny words forced into the margins. Then comes the trouble of converting handwritten pages into word files.

So I usually avoid handwriting. But sometimes there is no choice. Sometimes a story won’t flow unless it is at end of a pen rather than a keyboard. This is why I still have many notebooks filled with scrawled words, bits and pieces of story and scene.

But! I have lately discovered a keyboard app on my tablet that does excellent handwriting recognition: MyScript Stylus (Beta). It’s as easy to use as a normal keyboard, though its word prediction could use some help.

This is a video that demonstrates how it works. It also shows another related app.

I use it with a cheap stylus. In the last few months I have used it to write most of my blog posts, most of my Friday flash, and a good chunk of the WiP. I need to run everything through a spell checker afterward since on the on-board spell checker isn’t that great.

It’s still in beta, but even so, the handwriting recognition is already a lot better than most other apps that do the same thing. The handwriting recognition resembles the Samsung Note and I suspect they might have a deal or something going.

I am not sure I would want to use on my phone – the screen is a little small! – but it’s perfect for the tablet. Perfect. It works well for those stories that insist being handwritten.

I also use it on twitter, on G+, to do searches and pretty much everything else that needs written words.

I do recommend it. It’s easy to install and easy to use. And I doubt it will be in beta for long.


30 thoughts on “H is for Handwriting or MyScript Stylus Beta

  1. I avoid handwriting, because my hand can only handle (sorry) it for so long. I’ll type on my iPad, though. No troubles with typing. When I write, I’ll sometimes treat handwriting like drawing; go slow and turn it into art. Pretty handwriting is nice.

  2. I used to write technical papers by hand first, but by the time I started writing novels, I’d gotten comfortable with the computer. I edit when I write and can’t stand to look at scribbled out handwriting (my own of course). But I love seeing stories of writer’s who keep all their handwritten edits.
    Marlene at On Writing and Riding

  3. Shucks! I don’t have an Android. I like to write in notebooks. The story I’m writing now seems to only flow good if I have a pen in my hand.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! 🙂

  4. I rely on a very old PC and type loads. But having said that I do all my drawings on paper with a ball point pen, that sort of focus’s the mind as you can’t go backwards

    Thanks for visiting my blog…..
    Rob Z Tobor

  5. I still have many old notebooks filled with handwritten stories and such. I rarely write by hand anymore. The other day I was writing something and noted how bad my handwriting has become. I keyboard just about everything anymore.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  6. Interesting app. Haven’t heard of this one. I exclusively type because my hands are so arthritic. I’ve pretty much forgotten how fun it was to handwrite. Thanks for the memories.

    1. hehe. Mine too. And this app turns into typed words, so I don’t have to deal with bad handwriting or do the double work of transcribing it.

  7. For me, writing by hand helps me to think differently. This is why I insist on taking meeting notes by hand and not typing them as I go.

    Unfortunately I can’t write much of my fiction that way. My hand can’t seem to keep up with my brain and it becomes a mess of scribbles that I hope no psychiatrist ever sees. 🙂

  8. I still carry a notebook and pen around with me pretty much everywhere, have carried something around since I was 20 (which is near forever ago). I still like it: no batteries, no glare, but also no backups and no syncing! Thanks for sharing the app above, but I think it would be too slow. Is it?

    Visiting via A to Z from Pass the Sour Cream

    1. No. You can write whole sentences and its converting the words behind you. You don’t have to stop for it convert your handwriting to type. When you reach the end of the space, it moves forward. That could go a little faster, but it comes in three speeds.

  9. I still hand write nearly everything and then transfer to word.
    Thank you for letting me know about this app. I have been
    Leary of trying it.

  10. I have that app on my Nook HD, but haven’t really used it much because I don’t have a stylus. Using a fingernail isn’t terribly efficient. 😛

    One of the things I’ve tried is using a dictation app to read handwritten notes. It takes practice, and (after correcting homophones) isn’t all that much faster than transcribing via keyboard.

    Lately, I’ve been using a keyboard attached to my iPad Air for writing mobile. It seems to work pretty well for that.

    1. I am leery of dictation! Yeah you need a stylus to make use of the app. I got a set of two from Walmart – cheap! under $4 – but they wore out and I got another one nearby for a dollar. 😀

      You carry the keyboard around with you?

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