H is for Handwriting or MyScript Stylus Beta

There is a magic to handwriting a story that typing can’t beat. Handwriting is also – at least for me! – riddled with spelling error. And, frequently, with incomprehensible smudges, and editing by way of crossed out words and tiny words forced into the margins. Then comes the trouble of converting handwritten pages into word files.

So I usually avoid handwriting. But sometimes there is no choice. Sometimes a story won’t flow unless it is at end of a pen rather than a keyboard. This is why I still have many notebooks filled with scrawled words, bits and pieces of story and scene.

But! I have lately discovered a keyboard app on my tablet that does excellent handwriting recognition: MyScript Stylus (Beta). It’s as easy to use as a normal keyboard, though its word prediction could use some help.

This is a video that demonstrates how it works. It also shows another related app.

I use it with a cheap stylus. In the last few months I have used it to write most of my blog posts, most of my Friday flash, and a good chunk of the WiP. I need to run everything through a spell checker afterward since on the on-board spell checker isn’t that great.

It’s still in beta, but even so, the handwriting recognition is already a lot better than most other apps that do the same thing. The handwriting recognition resembles the Samsung Note and I suspect they might have a deal or something going.

I am not sure I would want to use on my phone – the screen is a little small! – but it’s perfect for the tablet. Perfect. It works well for those stories that insist being handwritten.

I also use it on twitter, on G+, to do searches and pretty much everything else that needs written words.

I do recommend it. It’s easy to install and easy to use. And I doubt it will be in beta for long.