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G is for Google

Google is where I go when I need info or a distraction. It’s both a lifesaver and a black hole that sucks time. I use it find both new reads and new inspiration. I don’t know whether to curse it or praise it. Sometimes I want to do both.

Okay, so Google is only a search engine and not the only engine in the world. But it’s good enough that people have turned its name into a verb. (Google, Googled, Googling: Word does not think these three words are misspelled. But WordPress thinks Googled and Googling are misspelled.)

How do I use Google? Let me count the ways…

1) Save pieces to Google Keep so they are in the cloud. (EverNote does this as well. Not sure which is better.)
2) Research
3) Play. (lots of play)
4) Inspiration. (This will be I post, I think. But I look for pics.)
5) Keep notes on Google Keep on interesting markets
6) Find new and interesting apps
7) G+
8) Read samples in the preview section of Google Books
9) Many, many other Google services.

I could go on and on and on.

These days, I get most of reading suggestions online. And if someone does suggest a new writer, it’s easy to whip out my phone and look up an excerpt. If I can’t find one, well, I consider the stupidity of the writer wouldn’t post a short excerpt. And make no previews available in Google books. I can’t decide if I want to read a book without the excerpt, can I?

The hard thing is to keep play at a minimum and not spend too much time finding random facts in the name of research.

As a reader, I have no idea what I would do without Google. Spend more time at bookstores and libraries, I suppose.

As a writer? I am not sure there is a replacement. Besides other search engines, I mean. It would mean spending hours at a library doing research. I did that in school, but mostly for teachers who wouldn’t accept online resources. (After figuring out what books I needed online through footnotes and whatnot.)

I wouldn’t have the multitude of writerly connections I have on G+ and elsewhere. (There is no replacement for this.)

It’s not exaggeration to say Google as taken over my life. Considering how many problems there are regarding privacy, I am not at all sure this is a good thing or that I shouldn’t spread out things I do elsewhere. But it’s so to have it all in one spot instead of a half a dozen different programs.

What do you use Google for? How does it serve your passions?