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D is for Dialogue

A story made up of nothing but dialogue is a challenge for me, because I’m not especially good at it. I haven’t written one in a long time and today I feel, oddly, inspired by soap operas. I suspect nothing good can come of this, but I’m giving it a shot.


“Stay away! Go away, or I swear to god I’ll call the cops! Go. Go.”

“Baby, listen. Please, just listen. I’m -“

“You have the nerve to apologize, after what you did? With the pool boy!”

”It didn’t mean nothing. He wasn’t always a pool boy and I know him from way back. But I’m just into you these days, baby, just you. He means nothing to me. Nothing!”



“Officer? Yes, my ex is harassing me and won’t leave. Could you – thank you.”

“You shouldn’t have done that, baby. You really shouldn’t have. You see this? Give me a hundred thousand and your computer, and the world won’t see it.”

“Get OUT.”

26 thoughts on “D is for Dialogue

  1. I liked your story Sonia and think you did very well with the dialogue only method.

    I think dialogue can be tricksy but the trick to good dialogue tis to keep it real, in other words say it like someone would in real life, then it becomes believable. ^_^

  2. I love dialogue, how a person uses words can say so much about them beneath what the words seem to be saying. My flash this week is also dialogue only, but it’s deliberately a crowd scene so you don’t know who is talking at any one time, but you can still tell a lot about the mentality of the people!

  3. I have great difficulty writing dialogue only Sonia so I greatly admire those who do it well, as you have done here. Their emotions pop right out there.

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