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B is for Boys Fiction

I was going to choose some other topic for B because, truthfully, I am not sure what boys fiction is. But then I thought, why not speak about my confusion?The_Hero_and_the_Crown

I don’t get how boys fiction is defined. I really don’t. Is it when the main character is a boy? Or when the author is a guy?

It’s only since I’ve been blogging that I’ve heard the term. The first time was probably when someone posted a review about the TV version of Games of Thrones and called it boys fiction. I was shocked because I’ve no idea what makes it boys fiction. (I was less shocked by the rest. Some people don’t like fantasy and I think that particular review was more about the genre than the TV show.)

So, okay, it’s not chic flick-ish. But beyond that? I don’t know. It’s not as if there are no women in Game of Thrones. And it’s a type of fantasy I read off and on in grade school and more regularly afterward. So, yeah.

As a child, it never really occurred to me there were books I shouldn’t read. Maybe such thoughts occurs to boys? Maybe they see a dragon, a girl on a white horse and a female writer’s name, and decide the book isn’t for them? (The cover for the Hero and the Crown, a childhood favorite.) It seems strange to me.

So I just don’t know what makes a story boys fiction.