A is for Adventure

My first A is For post for the A to Z challenge! Yes!

Pretty much all of the stories I read/watch can be described as adventure stories. This includes, especially in books, romance , fantasy, science fiction and mystery. There’s lots of murder and mayhem and packed with action.

(Yes, I avoid all the sweet, sentimental romances in favor of the ones where the heroine kills the evil villain who wants to take over the world. Or where he is setting buildings on fire or killing all the women who remind him of his mother.)

Adventure stories don’t exist as a category. Or in any case I don’t see it in libraries or bookstores. I think it may have once a long time ago. Maybe it still exists in children’s fiction; I don’t know.

But, oddly, I am more willing to tolerate lack of action in movies/TV than in books. I mean, shows like I Love Lucy, The Addams Family and Dennis the Menace. Yes, yes, just lately I’ve been watching the classics. They are good, funny and filled with all sorts of mishaps. But I suspect I would get tired of them in full length novels pretty quickly.

Is that odd?