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A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

I’m a lot late doing this. That is, writing an A to Z theme reveal post. I had intended to write it last week, but stuff happened.

Last year, I started the challenge late. I forgot to write posts for the first few letters and quite a few of the middle ones, too. Basically, I left out half the alphabet. I suppose that’s lack of planning, and truthfully, my planning isn’t any better this year. Well, except for actually remembering A to Z challenge in time to sign up for it.

So I’ve never done an A Is For post. I still don’t know what it will be and it’s needs to be ready by Tuesday.

All I do know is that all the posts will follow the blog’s theme: stories, both reading and writing them. It’s even in the name: Story Treasury. Maybe watching a few, too, maybe examining them for . . . things. Maybe. 😉 Maybe actual stories on occasion, most likely on Fridays. (There are four Fridays in April. Using a letter of the alphabet as a prompt is bound to be a challenge.

I’m hoping I’ll do better this year.