Concealed in Death Out Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Concealed in Death by JD Robb comes out. 

Some lucky people snagged a review copy. (I was not one of them. But I haven’t been looking for review copies of any book, not even JD Robb.)

There is fan art and even videos made by the fans. (These people are clearly more talented than me.) Some of the videos are to fun watch. One uses Stana Katic from Castle to portray Eve – this is not a portrayal I would’ve thought of, but I understand it.

Why do I love this series? I am not so sure I can say.

I love the fact that it takes place in the future, complete with flying cars, AutoChefs that do the cooking, droids that can do the cleaning and illegal, unregistered computers one uses to do illegal computer stuff.

I love the mystery plot-lines – murder and mayhem. The whole police-procedural feel of it is really nice (and would go wonderfully on the silver screen, IMO).

I love the romance, too, that’s woven throughout. Well, Nora Roberts is known as a romance writer, so it is marketed as romantic suspense. Truthfully, I feel that if you take the romance out, there is still plenty of story left. (But that’s me.)

Not many stories combine these three elements. The mix varies, depending on the book, but all three are always present. I love it for that.

I just wish I could get a copy tomorrow. Or even this month. Instead, I will be haunting the review sites. 😉