flash friday

Friday Flash: Force Stopped

I am not sure where this came from, but it’s only a hundred words.

She watched his truck barrel down the road. The convoy – friends for at least a decade – followed him like beads on a string. Odd-shaped, bumpy beads, rejects from the bead factory.

She waved my fingers; the large snow dunes on either side of the road melted slightly and shifted.

His truck sped past the first of the dunes. Lumps of snow and ice fell and lodged between wheels and coated windshields in a fine icy pellets.

His truck slowed to a crawl; behind him the convoy stopped entirely. He stopped only when the truck’s wheels spun uselessly.

She smiled, pleased.


21 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Force Stopped

  1. Not sure where this came from? I can guess. 😉

    I like the idea of winter, or at least snowdrifts, having a malevolent (to the truck drivers, anyway) force behind them, stopping up the roads. Seems like they’re into messing things up!

  2. Ironically, I fear someone is doing this to me constantly. It’s one of my many irrational worries on the road. I never knew it actually you trying to kill me, Sonia.

  3. Years ago, I saw this very thing happen, but to another guy who sped past me on the icy road. He hit a snow drift, lost control, and then went right into a snowbank. I have to admit, I smiled a little too.

  4. Love everything about the beads! Cool story.

    I’m confused though: who is ‘she’ in the last line?

  5. Excellent imagery here Sonia, especially the beads analogy. Great story in so few words!

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