Stop Reading an Author Because of Annoying Language?

A couple weeks ago I read some books in the same series one after the other. They didn’t all have the same main character, but they were all by the same author. They all took place in the same world, just centuries apart.

And they sounded the same. The main characters, despite being born centuries apart, born in different circumstances, different social classes, spoke the same way. They were prone to the overuse of the same word. Not just in description, but in the actual dialogue.

It was annoying. So very, very annoying.

And, then, curious, I read through excerpts of another, older series by same author. And you know? The main character used the same words in dialogue and description.

It’s not just one word they used over and over again, but a whole host of words.

I have no words for annoyed I was. I mean, I don’t usually care if authors epically like the same word. That’s inevitable. (Mercedes Lackey is particular fond of the phrase “perfectly ordinary”; LKH especially likes the word “spill” to describe things.) It doesn’t usually bother me. At least, not a lot.

There was just so much of it in this series. I still like the series; I still like the characters; I will probably not stop reading this author entirely. (Would you stop reading an author because of annoying language?)

But this is a sign that I shouldn’t read too many of the author’s work back to back. It just annoys me. Maybe one book a year.