Friday Flash: Alive

This is an old story I’ve resurrected for #fridayflash!

Cries rent the morning air, like a knife slicing through butter.

Startled – and afraid – I grabbed the dog and rushed indoors.

Cas barked in my arms and shook his blond head. Stone crunched under my claws.

The cry came again, piercing my ears like a needle.

I shut the door just in time. The shriek cut off in the middle. I sagged against the heavy stone gratefully.

Cas licked my nose, rubbing soap suds over my face, and barked. I let the dog jump to the floor.

Cas shook himself, lay down, rubbed himself dry over the carpet.

I didn’t care. As long as I was alive.

I never wanted to see a hunting dragon ever again.

9 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Alive

  1. I would love to see a hunting dragon, just so long as it wasn’t hunting me. 🙂

    The phrase “Stone crunched under my claws.” Intrigued me, is the MC a dragon too? Maybe a non-hunting one?

  2. I’m with Steve, I’d rather like to see a hunting dragon myself, so long as I had Cas by my side. 🙂

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