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Friday Flash: Victory

This is another drabble! It is exactly 100 words. It was inspired by a photo from this   Mete Özbek. I found it on 500 px. Enjoy.


A swipe of gloved fingers and my queen fell off the edge of the board.

Smoke rose, obscuring the board. But I knew what was what.

I picked up my bishop and knocked out the enemy’s knight. A harsh scream sounded in the distance, just below the cliff precipice.  


I blew out a breath and the smoke faded just enough to let me see the enemy’s face. Dark, wet eyes, like drops of oil given life.

The enemy moved, a useless sacrifice of a knight.

I struck. The king fell into my palm, dead, cracked ebony.

Victory was mine.


19 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Victory

  1. Sounds like a hellish game of chess :). The scream coming from the precipice did conjure to mind the various tales that use a living chess board where the pieces/people die when they are taken. Not fully sure what was going on, but the scream got my attention :).

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