Scene Goals

I am trying the Snowflake Method to write a novella. So I am planning it out, writing the character summaries, thinking about the scenes, and I realize: I don’t know what are the scene goals.

Each scene has to have a goal, right? A place in the story structure? Otherwise, why are are you writing it?

Well, sometimes I write them just for the sheer fun of writing them. But ultimately, they have justify their existence in the finished story.

So I am writing and writing and writing – and I realize, I don’t know the scene goal. Like, I am going on and on and on, but I have no idea why. The scene I really, really wanted to write was this big, tense, sexually fraught scene.

This was the lead up to the big scene, but there was no tension, no conflict, just a boring rendition of the day. But somehow I can’t keep myself from writing it.

I am thinking I either need to trash it or insert conflict.




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