Red Titles

You ever have days when you feel like every title you’ve seen recently has the same  word in it, repeated over and over, in endless variations?

I felt like that a few months ago. Not that I did anything about it. Well, I started a post, but never finished writing it. But I am writing it now.

It’s seems to me that many, many titles this past year had the word red in it. (I have only read one of these.)

  • Written In Red
  • Red Sparrow
  • Red Sky in Morning
  • Red Hill
  • The Red Queen
  • The Red Knight
  • Red Country
  • Redshirts

Does that strike anyone else as odd? It strikes me as strange. Are there normally so many books with the word red in the title published in a single year?

I went to the Fantastic Fiction website and did a search for red. It returned 2245 titles.

Granted, some of them seem to be in series with the red in it, such as: Red Stone Security. But they mostly look like they have titles with the word red in it somewhere.

The first book with the word red in its title appeared in 1846 (called The Red Rover). The second one shows up in 1846 (called The Red-Skins). The third appears in 1860 (called Elfrida, the Red Rover’s daughter).

I never realized there were so many titles that involve red in some way. I am quite amazed. And this doesn’t even include other words for red colors: crimson, scarlet, vermilion, etc.