Judging a SciFi Book by its Cover

I was searching the web for more info on books I read a long time ago and happened across several covers:

If I had seen these covers in a bookstore or library, I would have thought they were general fiction or something like that.

Except I know that Kate Elliott (the writer I was looking for) writes fantasy/science fiction. These covers don’t look science fiction to me. Not at all! And these books are supposed to be science fiction, i. e. take place on a different planet.

Is that odd? For me to decide a book’s genre from the cover alone?

You’re not supposed to judge  a book by its cover, but I was. I don’t think I ever realized before that I pigeonhole books based on the cover. I thought I did that from the back cover copy.

4 thoughts on “Judging a SciFi Book by its Cover

  1. Covers are your book’s introduction to the world.
    And one of my personal red flags is when the Author’s name is bigger than the title.

    I used Steven Novak to design my book cover and he is awesome!

    1. Well a lot of best sellers have the author’s name bigger than the title. I figured that’s because the author is the brand and almost more important than which book it is.

  2. I would have thought the same. A cover is like a preview image for the book. Or a billboard for it, maybe

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