On Understanding Why I Stop Reading

I am reading Legacies (Corean Chronicles #1) by L.E. Modesitt Jr right now. I have tried reading it about four times now. I am maybe a hundred pages in. I feel like this time I will finish successfully. It could still take a while.

I have finally figured out one of the reasons why I keep stopping. I don’t believe in the romance between the main character and the girl. Maybe it will change as the book moves forward (though I got doubts!) but the love interest character is not convincing. She’s so minor she hardly counts as a character! That, for the love interest, is not right.

The character I like most right now is not the main character, but his grandfather. That’s not right, either. Something is wrong with these characters; I just don’t know what.

I love the world. The world is why I am keep going back to it.  All the creatures, the magic, the odd sheep. I just wish the characters were better. 😦


16 thoughts on “On Understanding Why I Stop Reading

  1. I felt that way about the romantic interest in Patrick Rothfuss’ Name of the Wind. I read the whole book, but it didn’t capture my imagination. Now, suddenly, he has all these die-hard fans, so maybe I should give the rest of the series a try.

    1. I actually didn’t get that feeling from Name of the Wind. Or least not later on. At first she was barely a romantic interest. But still a very interesting character!

  2. Govinda is NOT Indian fantasy. It is based on Mahabharat. I sincerely hope you have read the Mahabharat, If not read it in its entirity before you read anything else…..

  3. You’re more persistent than I am. I’m trying to push through a story, will start my third try after I finish the current read, but that’s gonna be the last try. If I can’t finish, oh well. I can’t put my finger on what’s not grabbing me.

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