The Munsters’ Mansion

I’ve been watching The Munsters’ on Netflix. My favorite part is the house. I am not sure what that says about the characters and the plot-line.

I love the gigantic, gloriously bare tree out front. I love how the stairs open and the family pet breaths fire. I like the dusty furniture and the cobwebs framing all the little pretty pieces. The electric chair in the living room is really the perfect grace note.

The house is practically another character in the show (as all good set pieces should be!). I am not sure if I should consider the family pet Spot as part of the setting – we hardly ever see him, but he has a rather blistery presence.

The Munsters’ might almost be a normal 60’s family without the house. After all, the father worked all night, the kids went to school, the grandfather forgot where the phone was, and the mother took care of them all.

I loved it when the Munsters’ went a hotel for a night and came right back because the room sucked; i. e. the room had no dust and the air was fresh.

Also, supposedly, the family’s morning is everyone else’s evening. Though I do wonder how that worked when the kids went to school. Most schools are only open during the day.

Someone in Texas even made a replica of the house and it is now a tourist attraction.

I would love to go!




One thought on “The Munsters’ Mansion

  1. Hi Sonia,

    I love the replica mansion … only in America!

    I used to enjoy watching ‘The Munsters’, as a child, here in the UK.

    One of my other favourites was ‘The Addams Family’ (the original, not the new version), my favourite character was probably Uncle Fester!

    A real trip down memory lane, Thanks


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