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Book Hoarder and Book Lover

@litchat had a discussion recently about book lovers and book hoarder, based on this post.

A book hoarder is someone who buys books and holds on to them. Lots of people do this, I think.

eReaders and eReader apps make this easy. But less obvious. (No rooms, tables and floors covered with books.)

A book lover is just someone who loves books. For knowledge, for pleasure, for how it feels to hold, for the words inside, for any number of reasons. But, I imagine, a book lover doesn’t necessarily hoard books.

Me, if I could, I would be book hoarder. If I had the space. A lot of book lovers would, I think.

It’s interesting, because I’ve always assumed all book lovers are also book hoarders. Or would be book hoarders, if it was possible.

Right at the moment, I have more book ARCs than normally published books. That’s because I’ve ended up donating/giving away/throwing away/selling other books. (That’s hard to do with ARCs) And textbooks. I got a few of those, too.

I guess that doesn’t make me a hoarder? But I do have an eReader and that could turn me into a hoarder. If I had actual physical copies of all the books in my eReader, every surface would be covered in books. So maybe that makes me a hoarder.

I don’t know. Do you hoard books?