Friday Flash: Magic Spots

The flash is inspired from this image.

The first spot bloomed on her knee. Bright as a rose, it grew to be the size of the giant rainforest flowers. It itched. She scratched until she bled, but to no avail.

The second was on her right palm, small and the color of the sky. The third took root on her right cheek. That one was as black as good, rich soil.

It scared away her man. The villagers thought her cursed and shied away.

They spread over her body with the speed of crawling maggots. Colored maggots.

She walked to the village witch for a cure – and found her man rutting on top of the witch.

Outraged, she beat on him with fists. And raked fingers across the witch’s lying eyes.

She watched, happily, as her face turned blue and died.

He begged her forgiveness, after. Begged on his knees, as was proper, and promised to do anything she wanted, if only she would spare him.


17 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Magic Spots

  1. Hah, serves them right! I’d love to see more of this – what caused it? What other abilities does it give her? Can she get back to normal (if she even wants)?

  2. I like the story and the image of spots moving like colored maggots. This sentence confuses me though: “She watched, happily, as her face turned her blue and died.” Is there an extra “her” in there?

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