Restarting A Series

Back in high school, I discovered the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordon. I am not sure which book I read first. Maybe the second, maybe the third. I don’t remember.

A lot of them were already out. I got books from the library and that means you can’t always choose to read the first one first. No, I read the first one that was available. I didn’t mind. I read – still read! – a lot of series out-of-order.  I got good at piecing together back events.

Anyway, I went looking for the books I hadn’t read. I found them, I devoured them. But then the books started getting slow. The year wasn’t over yet.

I am pretty sure I reread the third one a couple of times instead of the newer one. (I don’t remember why. Maybe to remember why I loved this series.) Than I went back to the newer book and decided to skip all the scenes I didn’t want to read. (I did this for English class. It didn’t affect my grade.)

All I remember is that Rand felt like a minor character. Rand, the one who I’d thought was the main character. The character I was reading for. (I deeply disliked the shift in POV. Deeply disliked.)

The next book? I didn’t finish it. Even the Rand scenes seemed slow and pointless. I didn’t even pretend to finish it, by reading only half the scenes. I haven’t picked up another Wheel of Time since.

The Wheel of Time series is the first one I’ve given up; that book is the first book when I realized I didn’t have to force myself to finish. (This was a revelation to me.)

But the Wheel of Time series is finished. I want to complete it. From what I’ve heard, the later books got better. So maybe I gave up too soon.

I don’t remember anything I read before, so I am starting with the first book. Hopefully I will finish the series this time.


11 thoughts on “Restarting A Series

  1. I can’t stand reading a series out of order. Obviously it works better for some series than others, but even when people are like, “No, really, the stories pretty much stand on their own,” I still like to read them in the order they originally came out. Kudos to you, that you’re not bound by that inconvenience.

  2. I love these books! I’ve read all but the last and since I like to re-read them all first, I’m not sure how I’m going to fit that into my blogging schedule. I’m just too busy to whip through them as quickly as I did in high school. I hope you enjoy them more this time around 🙂 I think the world building is the best part, so they do get better as you go.

  3. I remember starting the first book in this series when I lived in alabama.. but then moved back home to Ohio and the book was my roommates so never finished it…

  4. I like the POV change. Rand, while being THE central character of a group of core characters, is not nearly as interesting and deep as those who interact with him. As much as Robert Jordan tried to make Rand three-dimensional, he really doesn’t quite get there for me. Perrin, Mat, and a number of the women in the story are much more complete characters. I liked every book in the story. Some in the later middle part of the series start to slow down quite a bit as they build for the sprint to the finish, but they have some key plot points. My favorite series…I’ve read all, but the last book, twice…that one I’ve only read once.

  5. Oh, know that’s a really good idea to pick up a series that was given up on. I have been thinking about doing that with The Lord of the Rings books because after The Hobbit (I loved> and then the first one was where I stopped. Maybe I’ll have to give it another go!

    Dee @ Dee’s Reads

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