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Friday Flash: Clouds

I used this image prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields blog! It inspired me!

She touched the window with gentle fingers. Transparent-clouds wafted around them. Fluid-clouds would be under them, she knew. Perhaps heat-clouds would be beneath those. She prayed so.

Her people desperately needed a home.

The ship descended smoothly past the transparent-clouds to land on odd, white-colored stones. She stepped out. The pilot and her general-sister followed, weapons out.

Soldiers. They did insist on an aggressive protocol. But she could hardly demure. Perhaps it was even the course of wisdom. Hard to say.

The fluid-clouds were blue and lapped at her feet. This place was crowded with native animals. Some had four legs, some had two legs. Some had no legs.

And some, she saw, shocked, held a long, slender length of some material, perhaps metal, attached to the throat of other animals. 

If the they could work metal . . . That wasn’t in the briefing. She hadn’t expected that. With any luck, they would prove to be primitive.

If they weren’t . . . She wasn’t going to think about that. That was a worry for another day.


33 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Clouds

  1. Very intriguing. I liked the description of transparent-clouds, fluid-clouds, animals and the totality of a unique outsider’s look at our screwy world.

  2. And here they thought they were going to have a usual day, just walking their dogs….I like the sense of the strangeness of everything for the ETs, how alien we seem to them.

      1. So… obviously I’m a lot older than you. 😉 Here’s one version:http://youtu.be/bcrEqIpi6sg

        And here is the verse that made me think of this:

        Bows and flows of angel hair
        Ice cream castles in the air
        And feathered canyons everywhere
        I’ve looked at clouds that way
        But now they only block the sun
        They rain and snow on everyone
        So many things I would have done
        But clouds got in my way
        I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now
        From up and down and still somehow
        It’s cloud’s illusions I recall
        I really don’t know clouds at all

  3. Enjoyed the ‘outsider’ point of view. Hoping ‘they’d be primitive”. Ha. Of course we are. But then again, that is supposed to be a compliment for some of us.

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