Expecting a First Book to Begin a Series

I read a description today and assume there will be a second book. That it is a series.

It’s a YA dystopian book, one Acid by Emma Pass. (Yes, I haven’t read enough of those yet.  LOL)

I’ve looked at Fantastic Fiction, at Goodreads, at Amazon and the author’s own website. There is nothing to indicate anywhere that it is indeed part of a series.

But the book description (from the author’s website):

ACID – the most brutal police force in history.
They rule with an iron fist.

They see everything. They know everything.

They locked me away for life.

My crime?
They say I murdered my parents.

I was fifteen years old.

My name is Jenna Strong.

It feels like it should be a series, you know? From this description, I expect a series, maybe a couple of series.

One that unravels the murder when Jenna is fifteen, maybe another one down the road that explores the revolution that takes down Acid, possible from the POV of another character.

Maybe an open-ended series, maybe not. It could go either way and there is no telling from this description.

I haven’t read the book, those are just assumptions I am making from the description.

But I am not finding anything that states there will be a second book. I wonder if my expectations are being shaped not from this description, but from other YA dystopian books that are series.

I still – still! – cannot quite convince myself this book isn’t part of a series.