High School Grammar

I am rereading On Writing by Stephen King and he’s talking about high school grammar classes (perhaps called Business English). image

I didn’t learn any grammar in high school. I am not even sure there were any classes that taught English grammar in high school. In fact, I am pretty sure all my grammar lessons was in the middle of sixth grade, right before we started learning how to write essays.

I thought his talk on high school English grammar classes was odd the first time I read it and I still do. (I learned about gerunds for the first time from On Writing, then spent awhile researching it online. Fascinating topic.)

It’s just that I don’t think grammar is really taught past grade school. High school English classes are all about reading the classics and writing essays. Junior high English classes aren’t that different, just shorter essays.

It’s seriously difficult for me to even imagine high school classes about English grammar. Is that odd?