Book Expo America 2013, Day 1

I went to the BookExpo today. 🙂 I got there later than I intended, but I am okay with that.

I got on the line to for Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas. The line was gigantic. One of the staff pointed us in the direction of the real line and told us the line had been building for the previous hour – and I got there exactly on time. It took pretty much the whole hour to get to the front and I think they were almost out of books. The staff started counting people (I suppose to match the number of books remaining). LOL

on line for Crown of Midnight thirty minutes and the beginning of the line is not yet in sight

I got a few of the author signings I really wanted – Brandon Sanderson, Sarah Mass, Susan Cooper.

I did get some interesting titles from authors new to me as well.

  1. The Returned by Jason Mottsomething about dead people coming back to life
  2. Dark Lord: A Fiend in Need by Jamie Thomsoninteresting back cover blurb
  3. Constance by Rosie Thomas
  4. Born Wild by Julie Ann Walker
  5. Inhuman by Kat FallsInhuman had no back blurb, but the cover was interesting and looked fantasy-ish.