Y is for Yet More Non-Posts

So it is Y already in the A to Z challenge. I think I’ve missed most of this challenge.  Well, that is what it is.

Maybe next year will be better.

But maybe not. I can’t seem to finish Necessity’s Child – I keep getting distracted. I am starting to suspect I am just not that into it. If I was, I suspect I would have finished by now. I will give it the rest of this week and if I still can’t into it, well, than I won’t be finishing it.

In other news, my erotica novelette is proceeding slowly. Very slowly, but I have hope.

I logged into the WordPress for the first time in a long time yesterday to discover there is a new Twenty Thirteen theme and I have decided to try it out. I had Twenty Eleven before. I am not sure I’ll be keeping this one.