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O is for Open Library

I discovered the Open Library recently. It’s online, you can register there and borrow books. Not just the classics, either, though I believe most classics are there.

Open Library has books by such as writers and David Weber, Anne Bishop and  Lois McMaster Bujold. Only catch is, for most of the recent books, you have to get some sort of key from  the Library of Congress. Which you get only if you have some sort of vision problem or reading disability. I don’t have problems like that, so I can’t get this key. But for someone who does, I imagine this library would be fantastic.

But! Some of the books are available to anyone who registers. The only one I’ve downloaded so far is Daughter of the Blood by Anne Bishop. It’s not bad. I downloaded a epub version, but the pdf might have been better. The epub was full of formatting errors. But it was readable, so I am not complaining. 😉 If I found a book I could take out and loved, this would be perfect. Perfect!!