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D is for Different

So, for the writing, I am trying something different. Different for me, that is. I am writing  an erotica novelette. I am aiming for 10,000-15,000.  Since nothing else is working for me right now, I figure, why not? And I’ve never written erotica before so it’s bound to be a good exercise.

Also, I’ve read so many of them, I figure I can probably write one. Maybe. It’s the sex scenes that throw me. I haven’t written that many and it is a challenge. Since it is erotica and I am thinking sex is kind of the point. One of the points. The best erotica is the kind where sex is a plot-point, a character-point. The kind of scene that you can’t skip if you want to understand the plot and/or the characters.

It needs to be hot, too. Hot, hot, hot. So you don’t notice all the plot and character points. Hopefully I can manage that. But seeing as how I’ve never written that many . . . yeah.

I want to do this NaNo style – 1000 words a day or thereabouts. Ten days or two weeks. Well, that’s the goal.

I am still not really sure about the balance of sex-scenes vs non-sex scenes. But I’ll figure it out. 😉 And there will be a HEA. Happy Ever After, for those you who don’t read romance. No marriage, no wedding, but a HEA ending.