C is for Catch Up


So someone just reminded me on twitter that this is A to Z Challenge month. I forgot. For the second time in a row. It is depressing.

So today is C day. At least I am not too far behind.

I am thinking C is for Catch Up for the number of things I’ve let slide and need to catch up on. The blog, I need to blog more regularly. The writing, too, because my muse is still MIA. My Google reader. I need to find another RSS reader, plus actually keeping up with all the blogs I subscribe. Twitter. Facebook. I could go on and on. I got lots of stuff to catch up on.

Hopefully the A to Z Challenge will give me the push I need to do that.


8 thoughts on “C is for Catch Up

  1. There is never enough time to do all we need to do is there. I am glad you got the message in time to be with us on the challenge. Three days is easy enough to catch up.

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