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Bestseller for 54 Weeks So Far: Fifty Shades of Grey

I scroll down the New York Times combined print & e-book fiction bestseller list and I see:


Fifty Shades of Grey has been on the list for 54 weeks. I have never read this book and I knew it had been around for a long time, but I didn’t imagine 1.03 years.

I didn’t know it was possible to stay on the bestseller lists for years on end. Being 11 on the countdown in a year seems pretty good to me.

Maybe I should read it. Clearly, there is something about innocent college student falling in love with a man with particular taste for sexual torture that I am missing.

Edited to add: yes, yes, I was thinking months for some reason. Not weeks. It’s a little over a year. Still surprised.

10 thoughts on “Bestseller for 54 Weeks So Far: Fifty Shades of Grey

  1. 54 weeks — just over a year, not 54 months.

    However, it is possible to stay on the bestseller list for years. The Happiness Project has been on the nonfiction list for about 2 years now.

      1. Quick on the draw! 🙂

        And yes, I’m surprised it’s stayed on there as long as it has. I think it’s a question of nothing succeeds like success — everyone wants to know why it’s so popular & they get it to read, thus making it seem even more popular.

  2. I haven’t read it but my coworker did and she loved it. She loaned the books to me and they’ve sat on the cabinet for nearly half a year now and I just haven’t been motivated enough to see what the fuss is all about because the genre isn’t one I’d normally want to read to begin with. I just want to know why it’s on the bestseller list for so long, or at all.

    1. I have read some books like this before. Maybe more than a few. 😉 So the genre won’t be completely new to me.

      Also, I think reading it is the only way to figure out why it’s been on the bestseller lists for so long.

      1. Yep, I’m afraid so. Or at least read as much as I can until I have come up with an answer, lol. It’s not the sex that turns me off, god knows my own book has enough of that in it. It’s that I’m afraid the quality of writing will be so poor and I’ll be too jealous that it’s such a success, hahaha, but that’s assumptions based on what others have said and I haven’t seen it for myself yet to say.

  3. My wife-to-be and literally EVERY SINGLE ONE of her best friends read these books.
    It turns them into sexual hounds for a week or so, then they’re back to their usual self. Very powerful books, I suppose.

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