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Prayer to the Computer Gods

I am reading a science fiction book where the prayers go something like this:

Computer Angel

Code not our sins; let them be erased and not ROMed in Thy disks.

As we believe and act in righteousness, so shall we be boosted into the Orbit of fulfillment.

Deliver us from the Crash; from the Hard Rads; spare us.

As we believe, so let us Thy Holy Federation be restored in our time, O Spirit of the of the Stars; and if the burden of a faithless generation’s sin be to great, may our souls be received into the Net. Endfile.

It is hilarious. Instructive, too, because this is an author who has turned prayer into exposition. Clearly, at some point in past there was a serious computer Crash that caused the people to turn computers into gods and the internet into heaven.

But so funny! Not to the characters, because religion is a serious business. But I am just cracking up at the mental picture of my computer as an angel. LOL

Also, the Endfile at the end of the file. Funny! LOL