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Friday Flash: Muse Wanted

So . . . inspired by a comment on Twitter.


Sonia Lal is recruiting.

Sonia is seeking a top-notch muse, familiar with all classical works and everything in the science fiction/fantasy genre. Must be focused on author needs, up to and including providing such pleasure as can inspire and relax.

She has a number of ideas in development. Hours may be long. Rewards will include a fraction of all payment from products sold.

Please apply at storytreasury.WordPress.com

7 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Muse Wanted

  1. Careful, you might get a muse like mine. Olga, a burly Russian woman with a leather corset and a whip. “I haff given you idea. You sit down and wrrrrrrite! *crack*

  2. I’ve discovered, through trial and error, that most muses prefer chocolate chip cookies You might want to include that your next ad. Just sayin ‘ . : )

  3. My muse is a squirrel and he just wants nuts and a hammock to swing in, so I think offering chocolate or wine as payment would be good – muses don’t seem to be that into monetary gain, thankfully! And how about job share? You could get yourself a whole collection of muses then. Good luck finding the right muse for you!

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