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How I Use My Tablet To Write

I recently got a Nexus 10. I had reasons to get the Nexus 10, but other blogs discuss the merits of the Nexus 10 in far greater detail than I want to.


One of the things I use the Nexus is for writing. I think I am probably more productive with it than without it.

There are two or three reasons why.

1) Google drive
2) Keyboard
3) Tablet size. Not sure this counts as this is a given.

Google drive makes syncing between my computer and the tablet easy. You could use Dropbox, too, but I like Google drive. I am signed in to Google pretty much all the time so it’s easy. Plus, I used to have issues with Dropbox.

But what makes writing on the tablet so good is the keyboard. I love love love the gesture typing. IMO, gesture typing combines the best of typing and writing by hand.

Mostly I prefer to type a story into the computer, but sometimes you just have to handwrite something. Sometimes nothing else works. That’s why I, and pretty much every other writer keep a notebook on hand.


Gesture typing is, IMO, a pretty good replacement for handwriting because you have to move your fingers over the screen like moving a pencil across the page. It’s so much more hands-on than typing. You’re still using a real keyboard, the text doesn’t have to be transcribed later on. (I detest transcribing.)

It’s just moving a finger over the screen and writing a word without leaving the screen. (Except for capitals in the middle of the sentence.) I love it.

I wrote my last Friday flash on this and it was as fast as writing on the computer. I’ve written flash on my phone before and it’s much slower.

The 10 inch size of the tablet probably helps a lot. 🙂  It’s almost the size of a normal notebook. The other reason is that I can hold it like I would hold a real notebook. I don’t have to sit hunched over a computer.

So I can write from places where writing was difficult before. Just have to make sure the Google drive document is available off-line, in case there is no WiFi.

I use the standard keyboard that came with the tablet. I’ve heard others are better, but I haven’t experimented with any.


8 thoughts on “How I Use My Tablet To Write

  1. Nice! I’m assuming my laptop will last me another 2-3 years, and i’m hoping there are some more big advances in tablets by then. I might make it my primary writing tool at that point.

    I actually do write (FridayFlash and scenes for longer stories) on my phone, but use a Bluetooth keyboard and Evernote. I could use Evernote on a tablet as well… and it would probably work a little better.

  2. There probably will be. LOL I don’t have separate keyboard for my phone. I can’t actually imagine carrying one around all the time. I use the default phone keyboard to write flash on it.

  3. I’m in the market for a tablet, so enjoyed your review. I have no idea what ‘gesture’ typing is (and I teach tech to K-5). I will have to research it.

    1. Basically you touch the keys instead of tapping and without lifitng your fingers off the screen.

      I can definitely recommend the Nexus 10, though I wouldn’t call this a review of it.

  4. i am looking at buying a proscan tablet from walmart. I want to use it for writing stories and stuff. It comes with a keyboard but it doesn’t come with Microsoft software to write stories….. can I download some program so I can write stories?? thanks

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