Extensively Occupied With New Nook

Picture from B&N. My pictures came out bad. :(
Picture from B&N. My pictures came out bad. 😦

I have been off twitter, Facebook and the blog and G+ due to being extensively occupied with my new Nook.

I like it lots. The touchscreen is very responsive. It has page-turning buttons, too, but those are stiff and hard to use.

Things I love:

  • how it lets me set the line spacing and page margins
  • way it lets me see the covers of the books I have loaded
  • SD card. I can store lots and lots of stuff on it. All text documents
  • lets me see what I am currently reading and on what page I am on the home screen
  • what to read next. Right now, it’s suggesting Catching Fire, Insurgent, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Agenda 21 by Glenn Beck. (Does B&N think I read only YA?)
  • I read for hours this week and never really turned it off. The battery charge barely decreased

Things I dislike:

  • The Nook did not come with a wall charger. I have to buy this special.
  • The shelves don’t seem to hold on to documents I put in the SD card. Every time I load new ones, everything from the SD card disappears from the shelves. This could get annoying fast.
  • The power button is all the way in the back. It’s hard to press with the cover on. That may be the cover’s fault; it should have come with a cut out instead of being embossed with a small power icon where the button is. The cover is too thick for me press the power button through the cover. This may be one reason why I turned it off so rarely; the button is too hard to reach.

Also, in case anyone is interesting, I got the simple touch. I didn’t want the color screen. They are just tablets by another name, and if I get a tablet, I will get a real tablet.



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