flash friday

Friday Flash: The Introduction

A new, odd sort of drabble. It is exactly 99 words. I don’t know what to make of it.

Strange mysterious items dropped through windows – magically, as if glass didn’t exist. They plunked onto the sleeping laps of car residents. Their oblong shapes made odd objects d’art on snow-covered lawns.

People everywhere woke to the sound of bells and the fleeting sense of something passing. They pored over their new property. Poked and prodded them with sticks, dogs and scanners.

Television personalities expressed puzzlement; experts spoke stern warnings.

Ultimately, when opened, they revealed pens that wrote equally well on paper and screen. Writers were overjoyed.

The event went down in history as the day the aliens introduced themselves.

15 thoughts on “Friday Flash: The Introduction

  1. Ooh gifts for writers! I really liked this, it was a nice piece of visual writing.

    One suggestion: The first para you use the word object twice, and I wondered if it would read better if you replaced the first ‘object’ with items. ‘Strange mysterious items dropped through windows’

  2. Snow, the sound of bells, gifts dropping from overhead… I thought this was going to be Santa-related! Great stuff.

  3. My only real quibble is that it’s not “objects d’art” but “objets d’art” – there’s no ‘c’ in it.

    Other than that, I think I want a pen like that!

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