Halloween and Scary New Realization

Boo! Happy All Hallows Eve!

Today is Halloween and I realized something a little scary yesterday.

I was voting on Goodreads Choice Awards. Going down the genre list, I clicked on science fiction. It showed me this grid of book covers:

And I realized – I hadn’t read any of those books! None. Which is both amazing and creepy. Oh a few were on my mental list of books to read, but I hadn’t actually done it yet. I only have two of these books: Redshirts and The Janus Affair.

Well, I know which book I will be reading next. 😉

Also, I love Google’s Halloween doodle:

It’s cute. And funny. I like how they spell out Google, with the purple octopus and eyeballs and ghosts. So cute! The black cat streaking down the street is especially charming.