Sandy is Coming

Sandy is coming and I am having a hard time focusing on anything but the storm. Yeah, having a hard time focusing on reading. Or writing. Or anything else. Which I suppose is  to be expected.

It’s been cloudy since Friday and the wind has picked up. The news says the waves have gotten rough. Too rough for surfers, even. And the trains are going to shut down, which means no one is going anywhere. Even if people don’t believe in the storm, they can’t go anywhere. LOL Well, unless they want to drive.

I really like this google map of flood zones:  IMHO, it’s pretty cool.

I can’t even decide whether to refer to Sandy as a he or a she. Sandy is such a gender neutral name.

They are saying the flooding will be worse than Irene (which is very a girl name! No confusion there) and they are talking about power outages like a fact, like something inevitable. Which I suppose it is. Really hoping there will be no power outage.

Also, this is the second hurricane to hit us in as many years. Which is odd. There was an earthquake last year, too. All this in a state that doesn’t get either hurricanes or earthquakes. Does anyone else find it as strange as I do?

I am almost blasé this time. I am not panicking like last year. I am also really hoping hurricanes don’t turn into a yearly event. But we shall see.


2 thoughts on “Sandy is Coming

  1. What State are you in? I live in Florida and am used to hurricanes, but nothing like this Nor’easter. 2004 was really bad with Charley and umpteen others. It was the first time we went through the alphabet and then started over with Greek words. Talk abo0ut nerve-racking. I have friends in NJ and NY. I will pray for you, your family and friends. Please stay in touch as much as you can.. I hope you have all your provisions.

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