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Friday Flash: Bleed for your Beloved

My first Friday Flash in more weeks than I can count! Feel the joy, people! It is complete at 184 words.

They say in this business you need to open a vein and bleed for your beloved, but I surely never imagined anyone would shoot me dead right next to her. Certainly not a character I created! A character I nurtured, raised her up like she was my own child and this was how she repaid me? The nerve!

She should have been grateful I allowed her to arise out the books. She should have been overjoyed with how many people enjoyed her. She should have been happy enough to do anything I asked of her.

That was the bargain. She promised she would do anything, be anything, if only I would allow her the freedom so many of my peers allowed their beloved characters.

She – No no no! No!

She threw the last dregs of the lighter fluid on the typewriters, threw a match on it and cackled joyously. “Take that! Use me, will? Sell me, will you? No more!”

I patted at the flames frantically, but my hands just passed through the fire like smoke.

Still laughing, she sauntered out of the room.



10 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Bleed for your Beloved

  1. Have you read “Umney’s Last Case” by Stephen King? Superb metafiction revenge story, about just this sort of angst over fiction being used and stolen, and its relationship to the author.

  2. Very nice! I’d love to see an extended version of this story. In what ways did he use her? (in my twisted mind it was really nasty, lol) How does this giving life to characters work? How did she plan/execute her revenge? Consequences? Yeah, I want more!

  3. My head went to “Umney’s Last Case” as well. Even fictional characters – or, especially those – seem to distrust manipulators. Revenge!

  4. Be careful of what you create, for it cannot be un-created.

    Sonia, you’ve got me worried now, looking back on all those literary monsters of my own.

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