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My first Friday Flash in more weeks than I can count! Feel the joy, people! It is complete at 184 words.

They say in this business you need to open a vein and bleed for your beloved, but I surely never imagined anyone would shoot me dead right next to her. Certainly not a character I created! A character I nurtured, raised her up like she was my own child and this was how she repaid me? The nerve!

She should have been grateful I allowed her to arise out the books. She should have been overjoyed with how many people enjoyed her. She should have been happy enough to do anything I asked of her.

That was the bargain. She promised she would do anything, be anything, if only I would allow her the freedom so many of my peers allowed their beloved characters.

She – No no no! No!

She threw the last dregs of the lighter fluid on the typewriters, threw a match on it and cackled joyously. “Take that! Use me, will? Sell me, will you? No more!”

I patted at the flames frantically, but my hands just passed through the fire like smoke.

Still laughing, she sauntered out of the room.


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