Writing Again


I am writing again. It feels good.

I finally seem to have exhausted the reading urge. Not completely; I am going to get the new Nalini Singh book soon. It came out today. (Sadly, it doesn’t star Bluebell. He’s a fiercely beautiful angel, if anyone cares.) But I don’t want to read to the exclusion of everything else.

So yesterday I opened the work in progress, read some dialogue and realized immediately that it could be better. Shorter. Sharper. I realized I didn’t actually need all the words I was using. It was a freeing discovery. Makes me feel like my weeks of non-writing weren’t a complete waste of time. Maybe I needed to absorb how other writers – writers I like! – do stuff.

Plus, my TBR list is a lot shorter.



11 thoughts on “Writing Again

  1. Sometimes you have to prime the pump to get anything useful out. Glad the reading helped you, and that you’re writing again!

  2. It does feel great to start writing again after a break. I was also more on a reading spree than writing for a little while and also am getting back into writing more with renewed enthusiasm. And it’s true, it really helps to see how other writers write and what you can learn from them. Good luck with your writing!

  3. Sometimes a good break from one’s WIP is the right thing, a nice step back then you come to it with fresh eyes again. I’m pleased you’re writing again and look forward to reading more your your flashes.

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