An Odd, Random Dream

I had an odd, random dream the other day. There was a man, scruffy brown hair, bent over a table, scribbling madly in a dimly lit room.

Then there is someone on TV, saying, this writer hasn’t written anything good in years. His first few novels were good, but now he just writes the same tired old story because his publisher won’t let him write anything else. And then they guy says:  he used the money to buy a farm in the middle of no where and shouldn’t be writing anymore anyway.

I wake up and think, what does buying a farm have to do with writing? Than I wonder: why did I have this dream?

But no, probably it’s just a dream. It has to be. I don’t want to own a farm.

It’s just my odd, random dreams are usually more exciting, and generally, do not involve writing in any way.

6 thoughts on “An Odd, Random Dream

  1. Dreams are strange, you have to ask yourself what does the old man represent to you, what does writing represent and what does the farm represent Perhaps the farm is like houses are in dreams they represent the inside of us, and perhaps the old man writing the same stuff is part of you saying, that you don’t want to be caught in just one genre or style and that you should make sure you don’t otherwise you may feel like not writing any more – I’m just guessing here btw ^_^

  2. That’s a very strange dream. I don’t think the farm is the important part, though. I think it’s the fact that people never want to be the writer that writes the same old story. Or maybe that’s just the writer in me. But, really I do think it was just a dream. Dreams are sneaky like that.

  3. I am with you going, “What?”

    But I don’t know you well enough to offer any clue as to what it might be meaning. You’ll have to figure it out yourself. xD

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