Friday Flash: Ivory Ring

 This story was inspired by a wiki commons picture.

This school field trip would be the very definition of tedium but for one thing. He scanned the ground, fingers clenched around his sister’s precious elephant bone ring. Poor thing. So sick, she couldn’t come down to view this planet’s marvelous flora.

The teacher droned on ahead of them. “Look. The fel flower devours flesh and bones.”

Enclosed by meter of wide mesh wiring, there was a bright red plant. It looked like his sister’s red-lipsticked mouth. He smiled at the memory of it.

“The gale here – ”

He ignored the teacher. Instead he slipped the ring through the exhibit’s mesh cage. It fell directly inside flower’s mouth. He watched it digest the ring.

The last trace of his sister. Gone.

He followed his class to the next exhibit with a spring in his step. Marvelous flora indeed.

23 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Ivory Ring

  1. Oh wicked! not what I was expecting at all – really good, nice twist in the tale!
    I think I found a small typo “It looked his sister’s red-lipsticked mouth” Shouldn’t that be it looked like?

  2. That is the creepiest little plant, looks like a hungry mouth. And it does seem to have had a bit of an appetite.

  3. Wondering about this sister, and the boy’s origin and story setting. On one hand sounds like he loves his sister, and on the other hand… well. Great flash fiction 🙂

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