The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man is the latest in a series of Spider Man movies. This one retells Spider Man origin story, which has been filmed before.

The basic story hasn’t changed. Peter Parker gets bitten by a spider, develops super spider powers, finds his beloved uncle dying because of a robber he could have stopped. He didn’t and his uncle gets murdered. So he decides to take up hunting criminals.

In comparison to the last Spider Man movie, this one is a lot better. The actors are better. Specifically, the actor playing Spider Man is so much better I have no words to describe how much better he is. This Spider Man can act and it’s a welcome relief.

One thing that annoyed me was that this movie doesn’t even pretend that hiding Spider Man’s identity is important. He raises his mask at every opportunity. The last movie did that, too, but it least gave lip service to the idea that a superhero’s identity should remain secret. This one doesn’t do even that. Really, why not take a video of himself without the mask and post it on youtube?

My favorite scene was probably the scene were Captain Stacy lay dying after fighting The Lizard. He makes Peter promise to leave Gwen alone. So emotional!

There are differences.

1)      The Lizard

See, I don’t recall the Lizard from the previous movies (or cartoon). As far I knew the first villain was when Osborn turned into the Green Goblin. In this one, Osborn’s scientist turns into the Lizard. I am told the Lizard appears in the original comics, but I never heard of him before.

2)      Love Interest

In previous movies, the red-headed actress, Mary Jane, was his love interest. In this one, the love interest is a classmate named called Gwen Stacy. The daughter of cop, she’s blond and interning at Osborn. I am told she was in the original comics, but I never heard of her before.

3)      Parents

I don’t actually know anything about Peter’s parents, except that they are dead. I have a vague impression they are spies. Or biologists – spy biologist? LOL Anyway, in the Amazing Spiderman, they are biology researchers, who somehow died in an airplane. There is a big mystery, which needs resolving.

4)      Best Friend

Peter Parker’s best friend is supposed to Harry Osborn. In this one, he doesn’t have so much as a mention. Harry’s father is mentioned, but not Harry.

All that makes me think The Amazing Spider-Man is probably truer to the original comics than any of the previous movies. Plus, there is the name. The Amazing Spider-Man. It sounds a little plup-ish to me. It might have been the original name of the comics. Which indicates to me a deeper connection with the comics than other Spiderman movies. That, despite a character who carries a smart phone, knows how to use a computer and general updated appearance.

There definitely needs to be a The Amazing Spider-Man, part two. There are too many things left hanging.

Like, his parents. There are hints that somehow the Lizard and Osborn were behind whatever happened to Peter’s parents. It never says what happen (aside from a picture on the computer of a fatal airplane crash).

Osborn’s henchman, Nels Van Adder, is on his way to infecting military veterans with the lizard serum when the bridge he’s on is attacked by The Lizard. We never find out what happens to him.

Also, the spider bite. Peter’s father created the spiders. Peter gets bitten by a spider. The formula Peter finds in his briefcase and gives to Dr. Connors (aka The Lizard). It turns him into a gigantic, aggressive, lizard who decides he’s doing the world a favor by turning them into lizards.

The movie asks the question: why doesn’t Peter Parker turn into a gigantic, aggressive, spider who decides he’s doing the world a favor by turning them into spiders? It doesn’t ask it explicitly, but sort of implies there is something odd here.

It doesn’t answer this question. I have no idea if this question was raised in the original comics, but maybe not.

So, yeah. It needs a part two. Maybe even a part three.

I deeply enjoyed this version.


4 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider-Man

  1. Okay, so I’m a geek. Grew up on comics, and I can say yeah, I know all these story elements, although they’ve been tweaked for the movie. (From your description — haven’t seen the movie yet.) But, hey, it’s a reboot.

    In the comics, Doc Curt Connors was working on the lizard serum for regeneration because he’d lost one arm and he wanted to be able to regrow it so he’d have two hands to work in the lab again.

    Gwen Stacy? Pete’s first love, before MJ, before Felicia Hardy. I could tell you more of their history, but that might be spoilers for future movies. 🙂 I will say that I recently read a trade paperback with her kids in it, who thought that Pete might be their dad. (I don’t imagine that any movie franchise is going to last the decades it would take for that particular story to come up.) So they play with her a lot in the story lines.

    I never cared what happened to his parents. So, he doesn’t have parents? Not an uncommon thing for superheroes or anyone in a cartoon.

    If you want to see some interesting history, check out this infographic: It shows various incarnations of Spidey — different media, different ages, different web shooters, different girlfriends, and so forth. I love the way they made a web of the info!

    1. Wow. So informative.

      In the movie, Dr. Conners is looking for a way to regrew his arm, too. He did regrew it, but turned into a lizard as well.

      Well, no biological parents. I think Uncle Ben and Aunt May make handy parents.

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