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Friday Flash: Bit

Today’s Friday Flash! This one was inspired by this image from wiki commons. It’s 92 words. 😉

“A spider, Mommy! Look, a spider. On flowers, in the water.”

“Don’t touch it.”

“But -”

“No! And watch from a distance, baby. You don’t want to end up in the hospital again. Do you?”

“The crab jumped. I couldn’t get away!”

“Just like the dog before that. And the neighbor’s cat. And that bird you decided to catch. This trip,  you stay away from all critters. You hear?”

“Aww Mommy! I don’t want to. They call me, they really do.”

“Well, you just ignore them. Or else.”

“But -”




14 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Bit

  1. I am seeing something creepy behind the scenes, something is wrong, how does she have such bad luck with the creatures..and also keeps coming back? o0

  2. Some kids are just unlucky that way.

    I don’t think I’d be inclined to put my fingers anywhere near that particular spider though, it looks kinda poised to attack.

  3. Am I to presume the spider in the photos is actually a particularly deadly sort and the danger was reasonable this time? Thought the crab “jumping” was very cute.

  4. At first I didn’t see the spider on the photo, but when I did it made my skin crawl. Spiders..ugh..

    I too feel something darker to be in the shadows of this biting problem occuring so often. Hmm…

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