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Friday Flash: Sweet Scent

No idea how many words this has, but I hope you like.

Sweet, noxious scented liquid poured into the water. She smiled when he climbed in beside her. Their thighs brushed.

Noxious-scented steam rose around them. She a took a deep, relaxing breath. She needed this.

Already, his eyes looked glazed. He
reached for her and she let him tug her deeper into the tub.

He sank under the surface, the most peaceful expression on his face.

So sweet, she thought, and considered which dressing to use on him. Something tart and lemony.

30 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Sweet Scent

  1. I like the way this touches on none of the horror of the situation but rather on the sensuality of the senses and seems to capture her viewpoint that nothing she’s done is wrong. She is not someone I would want to cross.

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